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Anna, great to have found your web page. Unusual art. I've always enjoyed abstract. One of my favourite on your site is Yukon River Meets Sky. Keep at 'er. And see you at the gym! Anthony
Anthony Hendriks - 18 Oct 2018
Wow, What stunning work. The piece posted by Connie at ArtSites drew me in to your website and I was thrilled to see such varied and beautiful work. I would love to see your work in person if you show in Victoria or Vancouver. Thank you for the inspiration. Anna Freschi
Anna - 15 Dec 2017
So pleased to have won as a door prize your blue wave painting at the recent Rock Bay studios open house! Visited your studio to pick it up, and was struck by the variety of interesting work you have made and are currently creating.
Diane McNally - 22 Nov 2017
The complete body of your work is remarkable Anna, so varied and interesting. I look forward to seeing your artwork evolve as it certainly has done over the last 5 years. Inspiring
Bobbie Burns - 13 Nov 2017
I love the breadth of you work, Anna. The site looks amazing. Well done. Kathy
Kathy Gilchrist - 12 Nov 2017
Wonderfully done, Anna! I'm so glad you've put together a complete body of your work that is "browsable" I love seeing all of it...Congratulations!
Always happy to see your newest work Anna.
Donna Waldron - 30 Oct 2017
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